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A Garry's Mod Gaming Community

Nova Gaming is a gaming community established back in October 2015. We offer mini games servers for the game "Garry's Mod", in the forseable future we see ourselves releasing more servers of different gamemodes.

We offer content that is unlike any other server, with our team working hard to deliver popular content that you will like, an example of this is our most popular server being Trouble in Terrorist Town due to the bespoke CS:GO knife content that we have to offer.

With a great thriving community, a cheerful administration team that is here to offer a warm welcome, and updates that are routinely released, we believe that this is the gaming community you can grow to love and become apart of.

Our Servers

staff team
Nova Gaming takes pride in taking on young volunteers of the public to teach them how to effectively work together and develop their leadership skills. Both on these things combined creates a team that will handle reports quickly and accurately, bringing a safe environment in which players can play on our servers with no issues. We are always looking to expand our team, whether it be for development or for the staff team.
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server content
We have over 150 unlockable items available to be purchased in game via our point shop, with endless combinations, you can design the character that is perfect for you. Not only do we offer this, we also offer our featured update; CS:GO Knifes. We understand how popular the Valve game is and we wanted to make something special for our members, something unique and exciting. There are over 140 different knifes, obtainable via cases.
Content packs
built for performance
Our servers are designed to offer the best connection and the ability to sustain a high number of users that are playing on the same server. With our servers being hosted from the United Kingdom via Serenity Servers / GTX Gaming, our main playerbase is generally europe; However we have people playing from all around the world. From America to Australia, our members play together no matter what nationality.
Our servers
Server Addon


- Pointshop2
- Spectator Deathmatch
- Advanced Damage Logs
- Point Gambling for Pointshop2
- Momento GUI; Scoreboard/HUD
- Weapon Statistics
- Traitor/Detective Tokens
- Taunts Shop
- Trading
- Power Rounds
- Prometheus Donation Module

- Voice Visualizers
- Private Messaging
- Atlas Chat
- Advanced Reporting System
- Realistic Weapon Damage
- Trouble in Terrorist Town Custom Commands
- Anti RDM System
- Deathscreen Information
- Custom Server Messages
- gBan Banning Module
- Perkshop
- Steam Rewards
- AWarn 2

Falchion Case

The Falchion case is the third case that we have released onto our Trouble in Terrorist Town server. This update was introduced to us, bringing the Falchion knifes into the game along with three new models; Marble Fade, Blue Steel and Rust Coat. This case is special to us as it is the first case we released with the ability to win a gun, which is the AWP Dragonlore.
Abandoned Crate

This case was released during our third major update. The case can only be obtained by a drop which randomly occurs at the end of the round. However, you also need a crowbar to open it which is found the same way. This case is more unique than all of the others as it has a 100% chance of getting a knife. This meaning it is also very expensive to buy from players.
Phoenix Case

Phoenix case is our latest case, similar to the falchion case it contains the new knifes and it also some weapons, also imported from Counter Strike Global Offensive. This case is being used as a test to allow us to take a different approach to the case and key system by adding completely different items, all at different costs.
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