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We are now closed until further notice

Server Closure

Unfortunately we have decided to close down, this is becuase of numerous reasons but mainly due to, us, the server owners have grown tired of running a community.

We cannot thank you all enough for making the community what it was. When we first started up we just wanted to make a server that was fair to all players, we did not expect for us to grow this popular.

We know, that people have made friends, and we wish to all stay together, if you want to speak to friends that you have made then you can find them on the Discord or on Steam if you have them.

Thank you so much for the opportunity you all gave us to do something good, we appreciate every single donation given to us and are grateful for the servers accomplishments.

We are still here, in the Discord, in the Steam group, we are available to contact at any time so don't hesitate to. Remember to stay in the Steam Group or keep on following our Twitter page as we will be back in the future.

Greatest Achievements

83 Total staff members
1067 Steam group members
250 £ Raised for charity
142 Garry's Mod Server Rank


Due to the closure of the server we have opened up a discord server so that the staff team and other users who have made friends with one another can stay connected; Anyone is welcome to join, the details are below.

Staff Recommendations

Below is a list of reviews on exceptionally ambitious staff members, feel free to use this as a reference when applying for staff on another community.


Global Community Manager

Pingu joined the team more or less when the server opened, during the 9 months he was staff he shown initiative, maturity and is very outgoing. Climbing through the ranks he achieved the highest rank. Definately an asset to any server.


Global Head Administrator

Within 6 months Axxa had became a Global Head Administrator, in doing so he shown he was a valuable asset to the team by contributing heavily moulding the staff team into what it was. He shown great leadership skills whilst showing ambition.


Global Moderator

With us from the start, Imperial was keen to learn new things and often asked to help develop basic things in LUA. Least to say, without Imperial's activity to populate daily the server would not a success, for that I am forever grateful.


Supervising Administrator

Cryptic's activity on the server was heavy, whenever I checked upon the server, he was there. Due to his outstanding activity he managed to become a Supervising Administrator in only a short period of time


Supervising Administrator

I could tell that KrazyKittenz enjoyed administrating the server from when she was a Moderator, she was online as much as possible, completing as many reports as she could get her hands on.



Bigmac continued to impress the executive administrator team with his continuous excellent activity and number of reports that he completed, becuase of this he became and Administrator.

Carboxylic Canvas


Carb's journey was bumpy with setbacks and progression he eventually was awarded with the Administrator rank. He was very friendly and approachable by players making him an asset to the team.



George is by far the most friendliest person on the team, he is always socialising with everyone, both users and staff, making the community a friendly and lively environment to play in.



JeffyCry managed to maintain high activity on the server whilst completing a fair few reports. Although his journey was too a bit bumpy he definately deserved his rank in the end.

Queen Chrysalis

Senior Moderator

Queen is very mature and handles situations calmly where others would not. He managed to achieve 2 staff awards for his contributions to the server due to his performance.


Senior Moderator

1cegem managed to prove he was an asset to the team by constantly impressing us with his activity and reports completed, overall making his a knowledgable staff member.



Conor managed to get outstanding activity and reports completely week after week, never letting us down, he maintained this up until the end.



Internet_Explorer is a friendly person with an enthusiastic personality, I recommend him to any server that wants a friendly community.



Ivos always had a great combination of activity and performance, every week he shown to us that he deserved a higher rank. He definately proved that he was an asset to the team.



SavageDaddy joined our staff team two times during his time playing our server, he left due to inactivity the first time but soon returned with improved activity and desire to rise through the ranks.



Despite Sniperkiller being kept to himself his performance was always excellent and he has never had issues with other players or the staff. Generally a good staff member who knows how to moderate well.

Space Falcon


Space Falcon's activity never siezed to amaze me, he continuously completed more reports than the majority of the staff, becuase of his dedication to the server his activity also followed a similar pattern.



Panda has always been polite to other players and came accross as a friendly character, making people enjoy the server. Not only has he shown he is kind but his activity was always outstanding.



Crispoon has always respected users in the server and like george he is always kind to people, making everyone in the community smile and have a good time.



Dapper Geko is fun to play with, always trying to make friends with the staff team and overall bringing joy to the community.



Was staff but asked for the Spiderman gun to be added 76 times a day. 10/10 would not add again.

These reviews were written individually by Crenox. Personally, I wish everyone the best of luck in your future endeavors, thank you for your help and continuous support, it means the world to me. See you all around. - Crenox